Firenze: City Frozen in Time

Firenze, as Florentines tend to call their small city with the huge history, is situated in the center of Italy, mainly in the region of Tuscany. In fact, Florence is the most artistic, cultural and historical city not only of Tuscany but also of all Italy. It has a physical elegance, which reveals and presents the city to the world in a very strong, yet very gentle way. A city is a place for inspirations, for the imagination that travels as far as it can; the city makes you want to delve deeply into art, architecture, culture and history.

I always heard the expression “breathtaking beauty” but have never thought it can truly exist. The feeling when you stand in front of the building and realize, it completely takes your breath. I never experienced it before, until I stood in front of the Piazza Del Duomo Cathedral and frozen for a long time. The melody “Tale as old as time” from the Beauty and the Beast cartoon, that was played by an old man in front of the cathedral, was making everything around inspirational, spiritual and the façade of the cathedral magnetic and breathtaking. The facade of the Duomo Cathedral of Florence grabs the attention of every single person passing; it is a harmonious and gorgeous combination of statues, incredible mosaics, and frescos of Gothic inspirations. This 15th-century work of art that truly takes your breath away thanks to genius architects such as Andrea Pisano, Giotto, as well artists of Renaissance period Michelangelo, Donatello and Lorenzo d’Ambrogio who rigorously worked to make every inch of the cathedral astounding and inspiring.


The museum Ufizi, which is another breathtaking beauty located right in the heart of Florence on the bank of the Arno River, is a huge gallery, you can get lost in hours and hours. You can witness sculptures, paintings, frescos, and various artworks of different time periods and cultures. In the outside of the museum, can be found sculptures of Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo and many other famous historical figures who had their huge contributions in the rise of the Italian art, culture, science and literature.


Just two blocks down from the Galleri Ufizi, there is a fantastic gelateria where you can have your ice cream while enjoying the beauty of the Arno River and listen to talented street musicians and singers who besides making money, turn the whole atmosphere around you into a magic. Tasting gelato is one of the most important things that should be done during the trip to Florence. It is as important as seeing the Piazza Del Duomo, visiting Ufizi gallery and also seeing David’s original sculpture. However, it is not the gelato you ate in your country; the gelato of Florence is an artwork itself that sometimes you hardly eat it till the end.


Florence is the city for people who enjoy art, architecture, museums, churches and templates, anything that will give you insight to the history and will give an inspiration to you every  day.

The present glory of Florence is its past. It has frozen in time and it is  a huge museum rather a small city in the center of Italy.

-Helen Khanoyan


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