Isolated Culture

When it comes to unique cultures, there are really only a handful of civilizations that are drastically different from the rest of the world. Japan, otherwise known as the land of rising sun, is one of those special places. The terrain, combined with a predominantly closed policy of the state throughout most of its history have greatly contributed to the formation of a distinct culture with unique attributes.

634b2ce042aa93a534101c84918675c4eb755bda_hq.gifThe Japanese language, for example, is so distant from others that it forms its own language family with its two unique writing systems – hiragana and katakana. The communication amongst the people is also very different than that of the western world. Even in our times, it is considered an act of aggression and sign of disrespect when one is touched by another person without prior permission. One should not do somebody else’s tasks or chores either, Japanese consider that an intervention in their life and even an attempt to discard their social status.

Capture.PNGTill this day, bowing is the dominant form of greeting. It is so unique that Japanese children are taught exact angles of bowing and the message that it sends. For example, a greater angle of a bow indicates lower rank, like when an employee bows to the employer.


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