Music As a Way of Making Money In Armenia

In the past few years, Armenian celebrities finally learned how to use social media properly. With the help of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc., singers and actors of our country started promoting themselves and their art, which contributed to the hard process of making money.

Although there is a huge number of people in Armenia who find themselves celebrities, there are few people that stand out with their popularity. One of such persons is singer Lilit Hovhannisyan, who is extremely famous among Armenians around the world. On average, Lilit Hovhannisyan has approximately six million views on youtube(per each video) and 230K followers on Instagram. Each and every song that the singer releases, becomes a huge hit and stays in people’s heads for a long time. The question is: Is the singer truly worthy of this kind of attention?

After having a look at her songs and music videos, I came to a conclusion. Lilit Hovhannisyan just made a clever way of making money on people who are in love with the music that is called 6/8. The latest song of the singer, for example, called “Honqerd Chkites,” is a perfect example that shows that there is no quality and hard work done to produce the record. The song is dedicated to females who broke up with their partners. In the record, Lilit tries to make women understand that they need to move on and have fun after having a bad relationship. “If your boyfriend broke up with you today, don’t be sad. Shake your hips and forget about him,” says Lilit in the song. The record, that has no meaning and aim, already has more than three million views on youtube(it was released only a month ago).

Armenian show-business is divided into two groups: people who make a work of art combined with gaining some money, and people who use music and theater as a way of making business. However, a true work cannot be well done without love, passion, and workmanship.

The saddest part is that Lilit Hovhannisyan is one of those singers who both has a good voice and a perfect appearance. Unfortunately, she would be forgotten in a few years, because the work she does now, cannot be considered as a true art.

By Sona Azatyan


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