MVP race continues


As always the race for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is heated. This year’s race is a little bit different from past ones, as the main candidates for that trophy are not from the leading teams. Candidates are the point guard of Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) Russell Westbrook and the shooting guard of Houston Rockets James Harden. Both had equal chances until the last game of the OKC, after which Westbrook repeated Oscar Robertson’s record of 1961-62 season. Now Westbrook averages triple-double in the season. That means he had three statistics with double-digit averages. Westbrook is the top scorer of the season with the average of 31.7 points per game. Also he is looking to break another record of the Robertson. He already repeated it by recording 41 triple-doubles this season and is looking to get the 42nd in on of the 3 matches left. Oklahoma City Thunder v Brooklyn NetsWestbrook like his ex-teammate Harden secured the Playoff spot for his club and most likely their teams will face each other in the first round of Playoffs. The OKC was considered one of the weakest teams of the league after the trade of Kevin Durant, but the efforts of Westbrook and his teammates showed that team can reach it goals without big names in it.


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