New Range Rover Velar

The famous car brand Land Rover introduced its brand new model named Range Rover Velar. The new model established its own generation somewhere in the middle of Range Rover Evoque and Sport. Many auto engineers say that it is more similar to Jaguar f-Pace which also started a new generation.


Range Rover Velar is similar to the other models but has some brand new features. The most discussed innovation is the new system of doors. Doors open using the advances of touch sensors, which is basically those open when you touch. The interior of the new Range Rover is also changed and made more impressive and automatic. Everything connected with climate control became touch thus easier to use.


The recently popular Interactive Driver Display is also used in this model. This means that driver has its own display where he can answer calls, control media and change interface of the speedometer.

Rear seats have an optional system with 8-inch displays in headrests which give you the opportunity to listen to music and watch videos. Range Rover Velar enables you to use driver assistance which helps you in traffics and highways. The exterior of the car is also changed but to a lesser extent.


Everything became better fitting, more aggressive and smother. Front and rear lights are made using advanced LED technology

. Range Rover suggest its customers 5 different variations of Velar. Engines are 2.0-liter (also with turbo) or 3.0 liter with V6 (supercharged). Prices start from 50000$ to 90000$. After all Land Rover made a model worth considering when buying your next car.


Author: Gevorg Atanesyan


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