No Make-up

As a girl, I always enjoyed dressing up and doing girly things, while I can count on my fingers how many times I wore make-up. I usually get criticized by my fiends and especially the people working in the beauty salons. I on the earth cannot understand why looking bautiful is always associated with make-up. Can’t a girl take a shower, make a ponny tail and put a smile on her face? This is not about judging people who do,especially if hey beed to hide some acne and pimples. But why would someone be criticized for not wearing make-up? I oftwn hear the boys will pay more attention to the girla wearing make up rather than the ones with none. Most boys even notice which make-up tool is used for the specific eyeshadow. This is how much our society cares about make-up, this is why one must be criticized dor wearing no make-up. Wearing make-up is beautiful,it oftentimes points out girls’ beauty in a special way and a littlw lipstick, some soft creams and eyeliners are never too much. But please accept thise qith no make-up. Do not ask every single time why they don’t like make-up. I am who I am and I like the way I look.


One thought on “No Make-up

  1. I agree with you. I don’t like ladies that wear too much makeup and prefer women who don’t wear any. People who wear makeup are just hiding their true appearance. My latest post is about being beautiful if you are interested. Have a nice day.


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