One step closer to an Orwellian society

Couple of weeks ago, I came across some videos and articles that raised concern about a potential bill regarding ISPs (internet service providers) being able to sell their clients’ internet history and I dismissed it because I thought it was an absurd law that in no way on earth could be approved by the US Congress, Senate and ultimately the President. Although President Trump’s stupidity knows no boundaries, I was quite sure that in order to get the general public back in his side, he would not allow the law to pass.

The US Senate was the first to sign the bill followed by the US Congress. And five days ago, Donald Trump signed the bill basically sealing the deal. The United States government single-handedly destroyed what little was left of its citizens privacy, allowing the sale of everyone’s Internet history data to the highest bidder. A similar law passed in the United Kingdom (not quite sure when though) but with a funny and pretty convenient exemption — everyone but government members’ and politicians’ Internet history can be accessed and sold. Though there is no sure confirmation whether this will be applicable in the case of the US, it sure seems like it is the path they are headed towards.

With the United States basically shredding ISP privacy rules in favor of earning more money, people from around the world should have enough reasons to start worrying about their governments trying similar initiatives to strip them off of their own privacy.

Step by step, we are getting much closer to a potential Orwellian society. What an absolutely sad reality that we live in.


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