Sharing Political Views

Politics is and always was one of the controversial topics in any society. People’s approaches vary depending on their mentality, culture and the way they were cultivated as a citizen. In any country people are separated in three groups what refers to their attitude towards politics. Those are the people, who are active in that sphere and do their best to achieve some productive and beneficial outcomes. Another group includes people, whose views are neutral, which implies their indifference towards what is happening in the government of their country or absolutely ignoring the rights they are given as a citizen of that country. And the last group is one, which actually has some political views, but is not that curious in some aspects of politics.images

Armenian government is not an exception and also consists of politicians with different approaches and views. One of the deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia was recently giving a lecture discussing the current situation in Armenia as well as sharing his ideas of how to work productively in any kind of institution. In the beginning of his speech Tevan Poghosyan mentioned the most productive ways to achieve the best possible result in any sphere. Those ways are working hard, learning how to cooperate, and especially knowing how to deal with team management.



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