Smart Luggages


  1. hero-set-mobile

First on the list is Raden a smart luggage with power back so you can charge your devices. Its case is durable comparing to other luggage in the market, and has unique design. Through the app you can find the location of the luggage, so when it is lost you will know where it is. It has build-in locker. Finally, it has a weight sensor so you will know if you passed the standard carry-on or check in weight level or not.

A28 Check- 395$

A22 Carry- 295$

2. Modobag


This one has an interesting feature. The luggage becomes golf cart and can go up to 8 miles per hour. If you are tired at the airport and do not want to walk just sit on your luggage and go. Receive one Modobag complete with dual USB charging ports,  and LED Display.


3. G-Ro


This one has 23000 mAh battery to charge devices, has very cool design. The wheels are designed for harsh surfaces, has waterproof bottom. G-Ro has built-in table stand, expandable main compartment, easy access pocket  for essentials. It also has exterior work pockets for tablets and notebooks.


4. TraxPack


It is a smart tank of luggage.On one side it has a track system that makes it easy to drag up and down stairs. Of course, it comes with some built-in tech, like a GPS tracker, a scale in the handle, and a combination lock with TSA access. Your travel can become more easy and enjoyable with this luggage.

Starting from 199$



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