The impact of Armenian television on vieewers

I have rarely watched television over the past few years but when I do I watch situation comedies and soap operas. Indian soap operas have overwhelmed the Armenian televeision channels lately. There are channels that show more than one of them, ”Armenia TV”- ”What to CAll This Love” and “Fly/Flight”. The latter one is about a girl child who has to work as a servant at some people’s mansion. The Indian series are so primitive in their essence and underdeveloped I believe lazy housewives and women on pension watch them.

The other series that caught my attention is “Kayaran” (Armenian word for a station) which is the Armenian version of Turkish series Kara Sevda (Black Love/Endless Love). The difference between them is the Turkish version lasts for almost two and half an hour and the Armenian ones are half an hour. I watched an episode of Kayaran the other day and a character Arpi asked her husband Arno to bring their child home for the whole episode. The husband was in criminal affairs and Arpi believed Arno took away their child to punish her. Below are Nihan (Neslihan Atagül) and (Qristine Kuyumchyan) with their lovers. Do you notice the girls look alike with a little narrow eyes?


Картинки по запросу kayaran arpi harsaniq

Hayk Marutyan is playing a role in a sitcom ”the Azizyans”. He previously played in Kargin Serial sitcom as an irritable character as well. He was the protagonist of both series.


Картинки по запросу kargin serial

Hayk Marutyan (Vardan) used to abuse his younger brother in Kargin Serial since his brother was poor and whose wife got rid of him. As to Azizyan he was servant to his wife.
What do children copy from all these characters who demonstrate verbal abuse, are in a romantic relationship with other men or there is no logic why masters forbid a child from going to school?




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