The Importance of Self-Care

As this semester is slowly coming to an end, the pressure of final exams/projects/papers is also approaching. With all these upcoming deadlines, it’s much more important to dedicate the following month to keeping both your mental and physical health “in shape”.
In spite of my outlook on health now, I haven’t always been in this mindset of self-care. During my first year at AUA, I remember hardly sleeping during finals week, cramming whole courses into one night, overdosing on coffee and eating chocolate instead of normal food. Although it sounds terrible, this irresponsible outlook is the reality for many college students. However, after realizing how detrimental this was to my well-being, I decided to make some changes.
After feeling unwell for some time, I came to the realization that my previous lifestyle (especially during exams/busy times) was not okay. This led me to decide on several self-care rules to live by, which are listed below:
1) Avoid leaving everything till the last minute; stress is awful for the body and mind alike
2) Get more exercise; even if you have no energy to hit the gym, just walking somewhere is enough
3) Eat as healthy as possible, and never skip meals/eat chocolate instead of them
4) Find time to relax, no matter what
5) Get enough sleep
Although there are other important factors to consider, simply starting with these five self-care points will already push you ahead and help you to stay on top of your life.
Good luck!


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