The Little Things: The Time of Your Life

– Max Gouchian

Author Caitlin Moran advised that young girls don’t read books by male authors, so they can be feminists. Yep, you read that right. With the rise of post-feminist nazis, what with popular literature like “Milk and Honey” now making a third comeback in book stores, one looks to Trump for some kind of balance. Of course President Monkey did not disappoint. You know how they say fight fire with fire? Well today its more like fight a lethal chemical attack with big rockets HUGE!

Ever get that feeling like there’s no hope? I mean seriously you look around you and the world is degrading into a pile of crap. You are personally advancing and regardless of how happy you are, people around you seem to be dragging you down. With what the world has come to, this general declining trend in moral and intelligence there are those moments that give you hope. One such example was the incredible performance by AUA students this weekend, in which they adapted Saroyan’s award winning play “The Time of Your Life”.

It’s no secret AUA has become an overrated money hoarding attraction with students who’s average IQ is less than five. Seriously the only good thing about this place are the few professors that you may or may not be lucky enough to have. But when it seems like all hope is lost…

In one word the performance by AUA students was amazing. There were of course some weird characters that made me wonder whether there were no other options or these were the best. In any case I would like to focus the attention specifically on the main character Joe played by my good friend Alex. I truly had no idea how incredible of an actor Alex was. From the very first moment he took the stage he was completely immersed in his act. It was phenomenal. The way he directed his actions and spoke his words grasped my attention. Every time he made a gesture, stood up in anger, took his head in his hands, jumped up, said a lingering word, or made a drunken cry I sat at the edge of my seat wanting more. His performance was so evoking it seemed almost real, it seemed almost relatable, even though I found nothing of similarity between myself and the character he portrayed. This myriad of gestures and spoken words was not only displayed in moments of his direct speech but also when he played in the background. He connected so well with the audience but pretended we weren’t there. In all, an incredible performance by Alex and made even better by the organizers (great job Ariana).





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