If you are attentive enough, you would know what this play meant to us (cast and crew) from the title. This journey had been and will always be remembered. How we started out with auditions. People coming in and out, with their scripts, and trying to get a role. Trying to impress Melissa Brown (the director).


But in the end, we were with 23 beautiful and talented actors who blended perfectly with their characters. They brought forth the best they could and produced a wonderful performance.

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We would meet three, sometimes four, times a week. We would rehearse for 12 hours a week.

Holding scripts.

Sharing jokes.

Helping each other improve. To make sure that what we provide is the best we can.


Credits: ~ Arianna Khachatryan ~

We have certainly come a long way to get to what everyone else saw on April 7 & 8.

We started out in the large auditorium, with only chairs set about randomly.

Later, we had chairs and tables. Placed with careful thought.



We started out with all of the cast using scripts. One by one, they each learned their lines. They each knew their lines so well they did not even need a prompter (crew member who whispers the lines to them in case one of the actors forgets them) during performance. They said their lines so perfectly that it seemed as if they were having a conversation rather than reciting something they had learned by heart.







Rehearsals never ran smoothly.  As stage manager, the hardest thing I had to do was make sure everyone was there on time.

And on the occasion that one of the cast is late or is unable to come, I had to fill in.


~ Merry Artinian as Nick ~


Or an actor who wanted to try something else.


~ Kitty (Noemi Akopian) as McCarthy ~


Or control the sudden bursts of laughter from one actor. Which led to another actor laughing. Which led to everyone in the auditorium laughing. Including Mrs. Brown.



Sometimes, our cast would be very tired that they would sleep during rehearsal until their parts come up.


Sometimes, Mrs. Brown would get frustrated.


Sometimes, rehearsals would get so boring that we end up reading the back of a beer bottle.


But, despite all of this, William Saroyan brought us all together. 28 people, all cast, crew, and director made a bond. A bond so strong that we all depended on each other for guidance. We all depended on each other to laugh. To have a good time. And we made friendships.

IMG_6260.JPG IMG_6582.JPG



We definitely had an unforgettable time. We definitely made unbreakable friendships. And we most definitely had the time of our lives.

All photos from rehearsals belong to Arpine Haroyan. 


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