Trump: Missile Strike in Syria and Golf


“Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched,”said the U.S. President Donald Trump spending the next day playing golf.

On April 7, the U.S. launched a missile strike as a response to suspected chemical weapon attack by Bashar al-Assad.  Trump explains that Syria violated “obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and ignored the urging of the UN Security Council.”

The suspected use of chemical gas by Syrian military forces killed more than 80 people. The act of prevention by Trump caused the death of more than six people. While The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces denies the use of poisonous materials, Trump calls all civilised nations’ support to fight against “slaughter and bloodshed in Syria.”

The next day of ordering the military strike, Trump took his 15th golf trip as a president.

As it is estimated, the former President Barack Obama spent $97 million dollar during eight years he run office. President Trump spent $23 million dollars during the 11 weeks of his presidency.

Interestingly, before becoming president, Trump often criticised Obama for spending his time playing golf instead of dealing with the U.S. problems.

Mane Davtyan


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