Two Types of People

There are two types of people, the ones who take everything seriously, and the ones who take nothing seriously and enjoy their lives. The people who take nothing seriously, are the ones who just live their lives by keeping themselves busy and when they experience a bad thing, they just shake it off and move on. The other ones are the most serious ones, who think about little things for a very long time, and who just cannot forget about the bad experiences that they had. The people who are so serious, are the ones who actually are insecure, and have fear of what other people think about them, or worry if they look perfect in front of other people. They also are the people who do not learn from their mistakes, instead of doing that, they choose to dwell in the idea of how bad they looked while doing a mistake. The ones who take nothing seriously, are the ones who are confident, acknowledge the fact that everyone makes mistakes, and accept the fact that they are not perfect, and they cannot be perfect even if they try to be. Everything is a choice, and we are responsible of being one of these two types of people.


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