Lara and Mara Bavar are charming albino twins, who soon seem to turn over the whole world of fashion.


These girls became heroines of the project “Rare flowers”, in which photographer Vinichius Terranov managed to show all the beauty of the sisters.

The probability of the birth of an albino child is 1 in 17,000. It is even difficult to imagine how rare albino twins are born.


Not surprisingly, 11-year-old girls from the usual Brazilian family became the center of attention of all the famous photographers.


Twins have already managed to be models for different brands and fashion magazines.


Lara and Mary Bavar have another sister – dark-skinned Sheila.


Sheila is very similar to her sisters, she looks just like them, only in the “negative”.


“These girls – a kind of statement about what a variety of beauty can be, how magnificent and perfect,” says the photographer about Bavar’s sisters.



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