When you can listen to the sound of your blood…


On March 24, 2017, the famous Guggenheim Museum represented a wonderful installation by Doug Wheeler named “PSAD Synthetic Desert III,” in New York City, USA. What a strange name. The installation represents a dead-silent room with bizarre decorations.

“It’s probably the most silent place on earth,” share Daniel McDermon in his article in NY Times.

To enter the “Synthetic Desert”, the visitors should pass several doors. When they enter the final chamber, they appear in a big room where every little movement can make a noise.

The room is designed in a way that no single noise from the outside world can be heard. The visitors are allowed to stay there up to 20 minutes, as the complete silence can drive them crazy.

In his wonderfully written article, McDermon tells about his extraordinary journey to the “Synthetic Desert.”  He notes that after several minutes of a complete silence, he could recognize the sound of his blood flowing through his vessels.

As Guggenheim Museum describes the installation, “…the author has transformed the room into a hermetic realm, a ‘semi-anechoic chamber’ designed to minimize noise and induce a sensate impression of infinite space.”

Let us just imagine the place…Silence, silence and silence…We are so tired of noises, wars, strikes, revolutions, deaths, politicians that the “Synthetic Desert” is rather a heaven, than some place which can drive us crazy. I think the author’s intention is to show humanity that people need silence… We talk too much but we do not really act…

People, please, sometimes be silent. Think of your actions, your mission in this world and do good to others…Silence is very important…






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