With what to wear the most fashionable items of the season

During this season, very often you may see a lot of printed items either with large drawings or completely painted with an interesting ornament. Many people who follow the fashion completely bypass such things because while wearing them you may feel uncomfortable and you may want to quickly change into your favorite old black. But think twice before doing that.I will tell and show you how to wear such painted shirts, trousers, dresses and raincoats.

Let’s start with large patterns – a black silk shirt Dries Van Noten, with blossoming asters, it is better to combine with the clothes in the tone of the flower – powdery or orange. Let’s see the first option and pick up the flowing trousers of brand Theory on an elastic belt and a leather bag Saint Laurent and Gucci losers in a light color. Looks smart, but at the same time feels very comfortable – like in your home pajamas.



The printed trousers visually slightly make the hips look fuller – so with them it is better to be careful or depending on your type of the figure use it for your best. Let’s see the option of Marni trousers, with high waist – combined with blue color and patterns in blue color.



If you are still afraid to experiment, take a printed suit. Here it is difficult to make a mistake – you can wear it on your bare body, or with a plain white T-shirt.



Painted dresses – if you do not know what to put on when going out, and if you do not have time for picking a beautiful look, is the fastest and best look.


Do not be afraid to experiment with the clothing, find your style and wear everything that you fell comfortable in without paying attention to what is fashionable and what is out of it.


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