Mexico City building site collapse kills seven

At least 10 people were hurt in the accident in Mexico City on Monday, April 10.
An official blamed a flaw in the construction process on the collapse. He said a heavy load had been placed incorrectly.Heavy lifting equipment was brought in to help with rescue efforts, but rescue workers said no more survivors had been found, BBC News reports.
The accident happened in the Álvaro Obregón area in the west of Mexico City.
Mexico City’s Civil Protection Secretary, Fausto Lugo, tweeted a photo of the collapsed building.
Mr. Lugo said the collapse happened when workers were attempting to place a concrete beam in the structure.
Preliminary investigations suggest the beam hit a pillar, causing three stores of the half-built structure to collapse.
The attorney-general’s office said it would investigate if the construction company was responsible.

Earlier, Raul Esquivel, head of the city’s fire services, told Mexican television there were 20 people injured aside from the dead, and some workers were still trapped. Currently the city is filled up with intense discussions on the accident and people mostly blame the governmental agencies that did not follow curtain safety rules for the construction, which apparently lead to collapse.



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