What’s Your Name?

I have been hearing a lot of hate-speech against Muslims and lslam recently, so I decided to share this Ted Talk.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIAm1g_Vgn0

Amal Kassir is a young Syrian-American poetess and public speaker. “My name is I’ve performed poetry in eight of those countries.  My name is writer, teacher, Colorado-born Mile High baby.” This is the way she begins her speech on Islamophobia and the misrepresentations as well as misinterpretation of Muslims in American community. Being extremely convincing and inspirational, this lively young woman co-relates her exceptional humor with powerful metaphors to just encourage us not to fear her hijab.

     – My mama, who wears the hijab, the Islamic headdress, is often referred to as “Go back to your country,” but she’s from Iowa! (laughs).


When I was watching this video, I was touched by her positive energy and creativity in presenting such a tremendous social and political issue in this highly-alluring manner. But still I was angry with the fact, she has to prove the global community that she’s not dangerous.

     – “What’s your name?” is such a short distance to cross, but when you ask me, oh, buddy! I will take you from Kuala Lumpur to Barcelona to Beirut. We’re going to go to Damascus, to Sydney, to Trinidad and Tobago. I will show you Mecca, my closet with 70-plus international scarves, the graves of my 31 family members who’ve been killed in Syria, the coffee shop that I hang out at and do my homework. But we must have the courage to claim our curiosity, to go beyond anything we ever knew, anything we ever feared.


And I agree so much.



Lily Adamyan


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