4 Most Beautiful Streets in the World

Whether it was for the sake of historical significance, the uniqueness of the place or it was just the architect’s imagination, there are magnificent and eye-catching streets in the world that make people stop for a moment and admire it. Today I want to introduce you 4 the most beautiful streets in the world.

  1. The streets of Chefchaouen in the northwest Morocco founded in 1471. They are unique for their colors. The street is in different shades of blue and there are variegated flower pots in every corner of the streets. However, the blue color was not accidental: Jews brought with them blue dye believing that it would remind people about God.18152457414_d1946c5a49_b
  2. The second street is located in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain. The city is mainly known for its delicate wine. And the streets in Andalusia are covered with the leaves of grapes for making wine.9
  3. The third one is in Germany, Bonn. The street is called Cherry Blossom Avenue as in springs it is covered with a lot of cherry blossoms which make the street magical. bcc5d169b6adb8c0c2eb22698895b264
  4. The next street is situated in Molyvos, Greece. The purple blossoms of weeping trees create a unique and magical atmosphere on the street that catches everyone’s attention. d32b6f096b646d18f516e09c645327ed

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