Paris nightmare repeated in Turin

While the whole football world was still discussing FC Barcelona’s (FCB) magic comeback against the Paris Saint-Germain, the Catalan club suffered another difficult loss against the Juventus. Besides the fact that bookmakers believe to the victory of FCB more even in the away match, the Italian team was able to net 3 goals against the Catalans and won 3-0 in their home Juventus stadium.lionel-messi-juventus-barcelona-ucl-11042017_1j505aa2jci7v18kwbwy6auqsu.jpg

Second time in this Champions League (CL) Barcelona is in a difficult situation and this time they have to win at least 3-0 to advance to extra times and then advance to next round of CL playoffs. 

This match again showed the problems that Barcelona has inside the club. The relations of the manager Luis Enrique and the leaders of the club are heated and that is one of the main reasons of FCB last poor performances. Another reason is the squad or the lack of players in the squad. Luis Enrique made only one substitution during the game, as he did not have any other option. Of course some of the players are injured and were not able to help their team, but in reality, Barcelona is in need of players, who can make changes entering the game from the bench.

At first, the club needs to get rid of some players, who are not fit for the club like Barcelona. Second, they need to make better transfers during the summer transfer window, in order to be able to compete for the trophies.


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