The Controversial Issue of Opening a Restaurant inside Opera and Ballet Theatre of Armenia

Starting from 1765 restaurants, cafes and fast food places have become a necessary and unchangeable part of human society. Today, the beginners or the owners of businesses try to create more extraordinary and attractive places in order to catch the attention of their customers and prosper their businesses. There are many examples of unique restaurants that were impossible to imagine several years ago. One of the examples is opera house restaurants which have become widespread throughout the world.

On April 4, 2017, the minister of arts and culture of Armenia, Armen Amiryan, announced the plan of opening family places especially open restaurants and cafes inside the Opera and Ballet Theater of Armenia. The announcement was accepted negatively and many cultural agents stated that it is unreasonable and unacceptable to even think about that idea. However, I think that Opera and Ballet Theater of Armenia needs open restaurants and cafes because due to them the conditions of nowadays opera house will be improved, the cultural meaning will be preserved and, finally, it will lead to the flourishing of tourism in Armenia.

Our opera house needs improvements and repairments inside it, because when the good conditions for the workers are present the work is done more effectively, diligently and enthusiastically. Moreover, cafes or restaurants will definitely improve the tourism of Armenia. Opening restaurants inside the opera houses is a strong marketing step which is used around the world. For example, in Syndey’s Opera House there are Opera Kitchen, Opera Bar, Opera Lounge, Theatre Bars, which allow both the workers of the Opera House and the tourists visiting it to have a rest, drink a cup of coffee or enjoy their meal. So it’s only natural that at the Opera House, the entertainment jumps from the stage and onto the plate. This marketing step helps to prosper both the activity of the opera and ballet and creates better conditions for the workers.



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