Building Up Trust

Do you have the feeling that people don’t believe you enough? Do you think that you are the right person to whom people should turn to? You came to the right place! Here are some tips that I find useful for boosting up confidence and building up trust among people.


1.Make your words strong and standing. Then follow your words with precise actions. If you promise someone something, then meet your promise. Don’t keep them waiting. In Switzerland people rely on accuracy and precision. If you are late from your meeting for 2 minutes, then you lose the trust. As simple as that.


2. Try to communicate more effectively. Don’t rush your words. Better think twice, and then say. It is very important during a conversation to be clear on what you have and have not committed to. In Armenia, you will often find people, hanging from your words, so you have to be perfectly clear with your purpose and intentions so you don’t get misunderstood.


3. Time.. Of course. We can’t skip this point. Trust is built on daily basis. You must be consistent with your promises and commitments. The more you gain trust, the safer and the more comfortable you will feel to accept bigger commitments.


4. Be honest! People do understand and value honesty. Even if you failed somewhere, try to explain why, and tell them the real reason. Maybe you were lazy, maybe you were left sleeping that’s why you were late for class. Be honest. People will trust you and give you a chance to improve and repair the broken bridges.


5. Admit your mistakes. Think over what people say, try to look at your decisions from their perspective. People are often egocentric. We tend to look at everything from our side, that’s why we often are left facing a wall.


6. Lastly, try to understand the emotional state in which the person to whom you are communicating is right now – maybe he/she had a bad day, a bad conversation, isn’t feeling well or maybe there is some other reason. Understand the person, try to help him out and you will have acquired both trust and a friend (a very good one).


– Albert Aproyan


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