Defender’s annual report

Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan, who is also a lecturer at American University of Armenia, presented his annual report on human rights situation in Armenia on April 13, this Thursday. His report touched all the reclaimed and unknown issues concerning human rights in various spheres including cases with courts, elections, socio-economical conditions, “Sasna Tsrer” movement and 4-day war in April, etc.

First of all, I should mention that human rights defender (HRD) can receive appeals only for disputes concerning violations from state officials to their applicants. Taking into account this fact, it is nor surprising to see that the majority of the received appeals (overall 5113) came for RA police (631 appeals) and detention institutions (307 appeals) leaving behind even courts and RA ministry of justice. It is interesting to see that the overall number of appeals was nearly the same as that of the year 2015 (5124). This result can mean that although measures are taken and actions are done in order to prevent human rights violations still the situation remains the same if referred to statistics and numbers. One more thing I noticed that in contrast to 2016 report, which had detention institutions included in the list of organizations with high-quantity of appeals, 2015 report had not even listed the name of detention institutions in its ranking. Therefore, we can observe what a grave change has happened during the year as an institution almost with negligible appeals ranks second in the HRD report. If we remember the previous year, this change becomes more comprehensive. For the past year, we had several social movements bursting one after another, we had “Sasna Tsrer” ‘s rebel, we had Artur Sargsyan’s case so detention institutions were directly involved in the development of these stories. One more thing I enjoyed noticing is that the appeals were coming not only from Yerevan, but also from Marzes, having Shirak region as the “richest” in the quantity of appeals.

Overall, I like reading this kind of stuff. I know that not all the people are interested in this deep investigation of law materials, reports and because I always write so long to explain everything, but I think that these laws and regulations are what shapes our life and even entitles us with that right to life and to pursuit of happiness. Moreover, if we want to have some contribution in the solution of problems in our country we should know where these problems come from. In the majority of cases, they come from people’s lack of awareness of their own rights and from the abuse of authorities that control and make the law. I guess the situation should more or less shift to opposite reality.


  • HRD’s report for 2016.

  • HRD’s report for 2015.


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