Happy Easter Everyone


     Today, on April 16, 2017, people celebrate Easter or Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. This holiday is one of the five major holidays of Armenian Apostolic Church. Easter’s celebration day is moved every year. Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates it on the first Sunday after full lunar that followed the spring equinox. The name of the holiday is also called Easter, which means removal of sins and returns to God.


     After Jesus Christ was crucified and dead, some people took His body down from the cross and put it into the hewn tomb by closing it with a huge stone. When three days passed, Mariam Magdaghenaci, Hakob’s mother Mariam and Soghome came to Christ’s cemetery for consecrating His body with aromatic oils. However, they saw that the grave was empty and the huge stone was moved from the entrance. A minute after, two angels appeared and said those words, “Why are you searching Lively among dead? He is not here. He is resurrected.” Women told the news of the resurrection to apostles. After that, Jesus Christ appeared to them.


     On Senior Saturday, Armenian Apostolic Church and Greek Orthodox Church took out Holy Light Greeks during special Worship from Jesus Christ’s cemetery. The right of getting the Holy Light from the Saint cemetery have only Greeks. However, Armenians always manage to take the Light out firstly from the hole. Armenian Brotherhood walked three times around Jesus Christ’s cemetery and then took it out of Saint Resurrection Church and brought the light to Saint Hakob Church.


     After the light was brought to the church, at six o’clock, the Candlelight liturgy began in churches. People went to churches to bring home “a piece” of that Saint Light.

On Easter people paint eggs, this symbolizes Resurrection and the beginning of new life. Most people paint it with the red onion peel, which has the meaning of Jesus Christ’s blood that shed for people’s salvation. People “fight” with eggs before starting to it those eggs. On Easter table, we can also see different greens. People also cook pilaf with rice and put in it raisins. They also fry lavash into oil and eat it with the pilaf. Kulich is put on the Easter table too. Armenians also drink wine while eating those Easter foods.

     picmonkey_collage2.thumb (1).jpg

     After the Candlelight Liturgy ends people, who kept Lent, eat “nshxar” “get out of” Lent and then go home to eat Easter foods. Thus, Easter or Jesus Christ’s Resurrection is one of the most important holidays that Armenians celebrate. It has great meaning and plays an essential role among people.

“Քրիստոս Յարեաւ ի Մեռելոց”

“Օրհնեալ է Հարութիւնն Քրիստոսի:”

Happy Easter everyone 🙂 Spend your time with your family members and celebrate a great holiday that has significant meaning.

Amalya Hambardzumyan


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