Happy Easter!

Easter is one of the most anticipated and joyful holidays in the Christian countries. People celebrate it with their families or close friends. Everybody loves Easter and the story behind it. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is a memorable event from the Bible. Every year this particular event reminds us that we need to be strong, inspirited and faithful, no matter what. It is known that each Christian country of the world celebrates Easter in its own way. I decided to find and write down some interesting  Easter traditions of three countries.

1. In Australia, people celebrate Easter with cheering and enthusiasm. They make chocolate eggs and decorate them with colorful paints. On Easter morning, the bunny ‘delivers’ them to children. There is also The Sydney Royal Easter Show. It occurs annually, at Sydney Olympic Park for a two-week period, including the Easter weekend.


2. In France, the Christians celebrate Easter with Easter fish, Flying Bells, Easter eggs of course, and the traditional feast at the end. During this holiday, people cook lamb stew with spring vegetables. French Catholics believe that on Good Friday, all the church bells in France fly to the Vatican, carrying with them the gloom and despair of those who lament Jesus’ crucifixion. These flying bells come back on Easter Sunday morning and bring with them lots of chocolate and eggs.


3. In Ireland, people dance in the streets on Easter. The dancers usually compete for the prize of a cake. Priests bless and distribute the holy water. The house, each member of and the cattle are getting sprinkled with it. Eggs that are laid on Good Friday are marked with a cross, and everybody eats at least one of these eggs on Easter Sunday.





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