Forget about the twerk! The hybrid of classical ballet and street hip-hop has every chance to become the hottest dance-trend of this year.


The new style became famous because of the video dance of Chicago dancers under the composition of hip-hop artist Jason Derulo “If It Is not Love”, which went viral. The author of the unusual dance was the choreographer Homer Hans Bryant, art director and director of the Chicago Multicultural Center. Since 2006, Homer trains teenagers, mixing in their training programs classical directions and street dances.

Bryant found the first people for the hiplet course in 2012, when several video trainingы were posted on Vimeo. In May 2016, Homer published a video of his students’ dance in Instagram. A week later, Só Bailarinos shared the video which instantly became extremely popular: young female dancers (in the age of 12 to 16) were invited to present their dance on Good Morning America, where millions of viewers learned about the new style in dancing.

The main reason that prompted Bryant to mix the ballet and hip-hop, is as he calls it the desire “to make the dance closer, more understandable, and according to the needs of modern children.” This dance quickly gained popularity not only in America, but throughout the world: lovers of dance-fitness learn the plastic movements of a new direction with the same obsession with which several years ago everybody was learning to dance twerk.



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