St. Takla Cathedral. Ma’aloula, Syria

Officially known as the Syrian Arab Republic, this once fertile country was home to countless and irreplaceable artifacts and beautiful examples of classic Arab architecture. art and cuisine. Syria’s capital city, Damascus was once known as “The City Of Jasmine”. and the Islamic capital of the Middle East. Syria was also home to the bronze age, the oldest written alphabet (Sumerian). Today, Damascus and Aleppo look entirely different but instead of bombarding you with more horrific images, I’ve compiled beautiful pictures that will completely change your perspective.

Krak des Chevaliers. Homs, Syria

Krak des Chevaliers, Hisn el Akrad or castle of the Kurds, located in Homs, is an ancient Crusader Castle and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in Syria. At its peak this castle hosted a platoon of 2,000 men. In the late 19th century, long after the castle was no longer serving its original purpose, it was home to a settlement of 500 individuals who were moved when the castle was given over to the French state.

File photo of people walking through Al-Madina Souq market in Aleppo
Al-Madina Souq. Aleppo, Syria

Al-Madina Souq, or “Nersi Shuka” is located inside the walled ancient city of Aleppo. The market is approximately 13 km long and fully covered, making it an other worldly experience. Entering the market will remind you of a time when it was a major trading center for imported goods brought to Syria by foreign travelers with their caravans. Locals still took to the souq to buy everything from agricultural goods spices  to clothes and handcrafted metalworks.

The Mediterrenean sea. Latakia, Syria

The coastal city of Latakia is one of the most beautiful areas in Syria as. Latakia has been inhabited since the 2nd millennium and the modern day city was founded somewhere in the 4th century BCE. Latakia houses several ethnic groups including Alawites, Sunni Muslims, Armenians and Palestinian refugees. The coastline is renowned in Syria and was considered a favorite holiday spot for many Syrians.

Al Muhafaza. Aleppo, Syria

When it comes to my favorite places in Syria, I can go on for ages. I truly miss every detail about my home, and I hope nobody can ever get to experience homesickness.



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