Is The 21st Century Killing Humour?

Although the modern society has many benefits, there is no doubt that people – especially in the Western World – have become much more sensitive to social issues. Some may argue that this is due to the fact that these social issues exist in the first place, whilst others suggest that this is simply a result of heavy political correctness. Either way, this sensitivity has resulted in people having to watch their tongues.
A specific group of people that are known to be reluctant to watch their tongues are comedians. It is no secret that comedy is often offensive, yet many may argue that that’s the whole point. After all, comedy is all about making people laugh, and reasonably controversial jokes are funnier than politically correct ones. Of course, there should be a limit to comedy; there is a fine line between vaguely annoying people and being genuinely hurtful, but most comedians would avoid the latter simply because it would affect their popularity.
However, following the news, I’ve been seeing many comedians getting into trouble for some of their jokes – the same comedians who were popular a decade ago. Many jokes are seen as racist, homophobic, misogynistic and simply offensive, and people have no trouble putting them to light. Due to that, comedians have had to tone it down even more. From this, we can formulate a crucial question:
Should comedy be politically correct, or should people work on being less sensitive?
I guess the answer will be subjective depending on your worldview.


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