Jesus as a Celebrity


“Leave me,” screms Jesus trying to get rid of people surrounding him, “There is too many of you, there is too little of me.”

Christ as a superstar suffers from fame and its dehumanizing effect during the whole musical film – “Jesus Christ Superstar.” What Judas warns Christ about is that people are starting to pay attention not to Christ’s philosophy but to Christ himself.

“Jesus Christ Superstar” is a musical based on rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice. The idea of album and then musical emerges at the beginning of 1970. That was a period when hippie culture, progressive and hard rock were in the the process of active development. Within the rise of popular music the idea of celebrity shapes.


Many critics think that in the musical Christ is portrayed as a celebrity. The fame and its effects are stressed especially in the scene of the “Lepers” where people surround Jesus trying to touch him for being cured.

After the growing criticism for various reasons, Universal Pictures said that “Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera, a musical entertainment, not a religious tract.”


Mane Davtyan


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