There is this habit of keeping a diary that many people have. It is the place when you may be maximally honest with yourself by writing about the things you are interested in. This was a habit of many influential people, which itself probably contributed a lot in their success. So why keeping a diary may be important for oneself and why do we even need to spend our time writing a personal diary? Below there are some good reasons why one needs to keep a diary and how it may be beneficial for oneself.

First of all the diary is a thing where you may be completely honest with you. Most of the time when we are having a social interaction we are not being honest because there may be very different reasons like to avoid a criticism, not being liked or many others. However when you write in your personal diary you know that you are the only one who is going to look at that and you do not need to worry about anyone besides yourself.

Another good reason for keeping a diary is the fact that diaries are very helpful because you may write your life experiences and learn from them. As the human being is always in a development process we are always are going to be changed have very different mentality compared to the one we had in a week ago. So it is actually very satisfying and useful when you may look back through your writing to the person you were used to be and you can see how you were changed.

Finally the habit of diary keeping may be very useful as it may be a great way for a problem solving. When we have some conflicts with our friends, colleagues etc. and we write about them we may start to look at it from a very different point of view and actually to find some new solutions for our problems. It gives us a chance to think about our problems more in a deeper and efficient way.

Stepanyan Tigran


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