Please Do Not Stop The Pop Music


“Pop music is aspirin and the blues are vitamins” Peter Tork.

Popular music is something that everyone shares. It is a particular genre of music which definition is very flexible. The songs of music hall were the first original pop songs, written by professionals and largely performed for people. That dates back to the Victorian era, when a performer needed an attention- getting and identifiable song.

Pop music history began with a lively new music called swing. The first performers and major pop stars were Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra who later became solo stars. They filmed and recited with large orchestras in the primary style of that period.

Pop music includes other genders as well like country music, musical comedy, folk music, rhythm and blues marches, jazz, rock n’ roll, and ragtime.  It has no boarders as well as limitations and is enjoyed by the largest possible audience. According to pop music history it is originated in Western world during 1950s, coming from rock and roll. It originally drew its repertoire from the folk traditions in US, so we can conclude that it is logically comes from previous African and European traditions. Thus, pop music can be seen and considered as a continuation of folk traditions.  It has been mainly dominated by the American and British music industries.

The adjective “pop” was first used in 1926 to refer to music with a popular and creative appeal. Unfortunately, it’s not clear who invented pop music. Started from 1967, the phrase is increasingly used by the people to define the opposition of the rock music.

— Mariam Khachatryan


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