Recently Indian soap operas have been circulating on Armenian TV. We mock, we laugh at them, we make fun. It is true, they are not a masterpiece. Especially, an hour-long stares between the loved ones, themed with annoying music is frustrating. But these soap operas actually are a good mean to present Indian culture to the world.

When I come to Gyumri on weekends, I watch those soap operas with my family (as there is nothing else to watch). I have noticed how the soap operas present their culture along with talking about the social problems. For instance, in the soap opera “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?” (What to Call This Love), it is shown how Indian people prepare for their traditional holidays. The viewer can see the rituals, what specific steps they do in those rituals and it is pretty informative. They show every single detail of the traditional Indian wedding and explain it to the foreign viewer. No wonder that this soap opera is famous abroad as well. Besides making the media product for the local viewer, Indian people do it for the foreign one as well.


(To be honest, they are cute <3)

Another Indian soap opera “Udaan” (Flight) talks about the social problem of education and slavery. Precisely be said, the problem of lack of education. Chakor, a 7-year-old girl is condemned to slavery from the moment of her birth. But the girl wants to fly, not to get down. Few educated people show her the importance of education and she is the first slave going to school. The little girl fights for others freedom and rights. They brought up some examples about Gandhi too. This soap opera really makes me happy how Indian people raise awareness about their problem with such an entertaining way.Udaan.jpg

(She is cute too <3)

But it also makes me sad that we, Armenians cannot present our culture with the help of our soap operas. Well, actually they do, but they present Armenians a brutal nation with men beating up their pregnant wives for example. We do not even use our heroes as a role model, like Indians do for Gandhi. Those soap operas’ role model is the very criminal kind of dude, with the box cars (Brabous) and horrible lexicon.

There is another Indian soap opera talking about child marriages and the difficulties those “infant wives” have to face.

What hurts me more is the good quality of Turkish soap operas, our so-called “secular enemies who are not civilized, are barbaric and do not have a culture.” Guess what, they present “the culture they do not have” better than we present “the culture we have”. You cannot here a single bad word in their soap operas.

Everyone is respectful towards each other. The young ones still respect older women by kissing their hands in a special way. Parent-children relationship is wonderful. Everything is done with taste. Some of the characters even listen to classical music. What do our soap opera characters listen to? Oh, right, Bach. No, just kidding, this would be a dream. And our “secular enemy” presents their culture to the world with such a good way. And then we sit and wonder, why do others respect the Turkish people more, than us? It is not only the case of soap operas. It is in other spheres as well. Thanks God, we have people who fill the place of our “unshown culture” to the world


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