See Your Relatives’ Graves Online: Armenia or the country of absurdity

A week ago, I was searching something starting with “gere” on Google and it automatically showed me a website named I was pretty shocked yet decided to go and check it. So I entered the website and it opened a search button that said: “Please Search for grave records here.” As a curious person, I searched my grandpa’s (he died 11 years ago) name, father’s name and a surname, and what I saw really shocked me. The website showed me the photograph of my grandpa’s grave.  For half an hour, I could not understand the purpose of the website: really. It is a huge amount of work for a company to do such thing. You need people who go and photograph, you need a programmer who can create a database…

When I come back to my senses, I saw a button next to the grave’s photograph. It said “Order Grave Care/Receive Photo report (basically before and after).” I cannot describe  my feelings in words: shall I laugh or cry? We, Armenians are so crazy that only we can come up with such kind of a website.

This website provides various kinds of services for the gravestones. People can order cleaning, a year grave care, flower delivery, and even decorations that are available on the website. You choose the stone; they go and decorate the grave of your relative. Hm, interesting.

And what is fascinating about the website is that it also in English and in Russian. I guess that, as there are millions of Armenians outside the country, this is a very beneficial business for the owners. I tried to find similar websites for other countries but I could not.

Armenians are so creative, what can I say.

Click here for the website 

Arpine Haroyan




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