Should Genocide Course Be Mandatory In High School

Today, a lot of people remember the Genocide just because it has a day to be remembered. But do they really know what it is? Students, who are in high school, should be taught about the concept of the genocide. They should be taught about what the motivation is behind it. The root of it and the motivation is basically hatred. If there was no hatred in people, there would not be such a thing, and there would not be anything that would cause to kill other people. Since the high school students are the ones who consume the media the most, their voice can be spread easily. Through the media, they can stop the genocide or the murder in the world. All of this will only be because of what they will be taught in their schools. And by being educated about the genocide, they will know what kind of people are there in the world. Being educated about all the steps that lead to genocide, they can recognize the steps and be the ones who stop the steps that reach to the genocide. It is an essential topic to think about, and it may be a small step but it will effect millions.


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