The Beauty Of Pop Art

Only recently have I discovered the almighty uniqueness of pop art. Vintage comics are truly absolutely marvelous. The shapes and colors – the style itself is a whole separate culture. What makes it all even more admirable is the content itself – pop art comics are not only brilliant in their art, but also in the messages they transmit. They are truly intelligent.



Until now, I thought that the only man who truly understood the whole nature, the essence of a woman is Somerset Maugham (Theatre is a great example). Now I see that there were more men who were able to perfectly portray what a real woman is. So dear gentlemen, if you want to know more about ladies, you better read these comics. The accuracy of these portrayals is astonishing.


But the best thing about these vintage comics is that sometimes you see weird stuff. Really cool and weird stuff…


For more, i encourage you to check out my Pinterest board

Mash Mashok


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