The Blue Mosque

The Persian mosque of Yerevan, officially called the Blue Mosque, is located on one of the major roads of central Yerevan, Mashtots Avenue. Built in the mid-18th century it was the central place of worship for the Muslims of Yerevan, who until the early 20th century comprised nearly half of the city’s population. It is the only one to survive to our days.

The dome of Blue Mosque, Yerevan, Armenia

During the Soviet period it housed the history museum of Yerevan. It currently serves as much as a cultural center for the Iranians residing in Yerevan. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest surviving buildings in central Yerevan, along with the 13th century Katoghike Church.

The name of the mosque corresponds to the predominant color of its exterior. Its dome, minaret, and all exterior walls are covered in ceramic mosaics (mostly blue), but also some green and white. It has a rectangular plan and stands out with its Oriental style architecture in a city where Soviet-era tuff buildings dominate.

Entering the mosque from its main entrance on Mashtots Avenue the visitor sees a large number of trees and a water fountain, which stands in the center. The mosque and the park are very beautiful in spring time. Anyone of any faith is welcomed there.

Author: Karine Dilanyan



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