The Cliché Term For Sadness

Depression is not the cliche term that is used nowadays to refer to the low mood or the feelings of blue that come and go time to time, but it is rather a major psychological disorder that needs medical attention as early as it is recognized. When left untreated, clinical depression also known as major depression that affects the patient’s both mental and physical state, results in serious complications. It may result in further complications of insomnia, eating habits and substance abuse or all combined. A person suffering with clinical depression can not be simply “pull themselves together” or “be more positive about things” as major depression is a serious mental condition that requires medical treatment and can be cured with antidepressants and psychotherapy. Besides affecting one’s sleep and wake cycle the untreated depression can strongly influence other physical factors hindering the recovery process of critical conditions such as stroke, recovery from a heart attack and etc. When recognized it should be addressed immediately as depression especially when untreated is strongly linked to suicide attempts, thus any patient expressing suicidal thoughts or intentions should be taken seriously.


The warning signs of suicide include:

  • Lost interest and apathy towards things or activities person used to enjoy.
  • Expressing thoughts or describing oneself as worthless, hopeless or helpless
  • Expressing thoughts such as “It would have been better If I was not here” or “I don’t think I should have excised” or “I want out” and etc. “
  • Increased usage of drugs and alcohol
  • Constantly thinking about death



Gayane Hakobyan


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