The Scream

Ever since the moment I laid eyes on Edvard Munch’s painting called “The Scream” I was obsessed with it. I spent quite some time observing the masterpiece and thinking about it. In the painting there is a man standing on a wooden bridge, screaming and using his weak hands to cover his ears. It’s like he’s yelling, because he can no longer bear struggling with his own thoughts. He’s lost in his own mind. He’s desperately crying for help, but the people behind him, enjoying their stroll down the same bridge, can’t or don’t want to listen his bitter voice. His face is deformed and communicates fear and disappointment. He has no eyebrows or hair.


Under the bridge there is an angry river. Its fearless blue waves are raging and touching the sky, much like the man’s thoughts are blustering in his head. In the river, there is a little part, which is painted with brighter colors, such as amber and azure. The monstrous tsunami didn’t consume that part of the river yet. If you look at the painting more closely, you’ll see ships floating in this relatively peaceful part of the waters. The sky is depicted with deep tints of such energetic colors as orange, red and yellow.

The painting is so extremely fascinating to me, as I believe that very  often we experience the same: when we are at war with our own ideas and the only person, who notices it is ourselves.

– Marine Keklikyan


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