Vartan the handsome.

Imagine walking down the street and hearing someone yell “Vartan Hos Yegooor!!” (Vartan come here!!) you turn around and you don’t see a parent yelling at her or his son but you see someone yelling at their dog.

A friend of a friend named her dog Vartan, living in Argentina she wanted to name her dog something that connects her with her roots. When you’re a dog owner you consider your dog as your own kid so you can name your kid whatever you want.

Vartan was with my friend today and as she was walking him, a few people stopped us to pet Vartan and asked what his name is, and whenever she said “Vartan” we noticed the change in their facial expressions. After a while we decided to tell people his name is “Poncho” to avoid the looks and expressions.

This got me wondering is it wrong to name your dog a human’s name? Or is there a wrong or right when it comes to naming your dog? Or who decides what name is a human’s name or a dog’s name?
I personally don’t mind that his name is Vartan, because I’m tired of all the cliché dog names (Lucky, Bella, Roxy and so on.)

I think I would’ve been upset if my dad’s name was Vartan, and I’m pretty sure that I would be more than upset if someone named their puppy Nanar.
So are there Armenian names for dogs other than Chalo? Or should we just come up with new names so that our dogs can have Armenian names too?

Vartan the handsome!! 


-The Random Thoughts of Nanar


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