Water Bubbles to Replace Plastic Bottles


A London based start- up  raised up to 400. 000 pounds only in a few days to realize their project. The water bubbles are called oohoo! which are expected to be presented in sporting events in 2018. The bubbles are designed by a lab that inserts water in edible water bubbles that are made from a natural seaweed extract. The membrane degrades in the same amount of time as fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the membrane can be both colored and flavored and be used in soft drinks and cosmetics.



The team behind oohoo! realize the consequences of the usage of water bubbles in terms of waste and profoundly unsustainable. The lab working on the launch of the product alongside with the Imperial London College Masters has been working on perfecting the design and on finding better technologies for the manufacturing procedures. Nonetheless, the water bubbles can be produced for a relatively low costs than plastic bottles.

The oohoo! team want to provide the water bubbles during sport events such as the London marathon. In the video we witness people trying the product for the first time and their reactions afterwards. As the product is in a form of a bubble that resembles a capsule like material, it triggers everyone’s curiosity to try and see what it’s like “to eat” water.




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