You are Good at Drawing


Psst…Hey, you! Yeah, you! Ever thought about how much you wish to be good at drawing? Well, let me tell you something you have a good chance of becoming good at it. All you need to do is try.

The art of drawing is highly complex and demands a lot of skill and practice, yet the doors are open for everyone. Everything depends on your desire and dedication. It’s been repeated many times that you can get better at drawing a certain object by simply trying to draw it over and over again. 100 is the golden number, yet the difference can be seen even after 10 drawings. Many artists use this to get better at drawing hands as it is considered to be the biggest nightmare of many. At first it seems impossible to do, yet after few anatomically wrong looking drawings, the use of references and tones of practice your brain and your hands get better at it. It doesn’t demand any particular base of talent. Anyone can pick up a pencil and a paper and starting from the basics slowly learn anything they set their mind to. Throughout my life I have met many “naturally” talented people who throughout years have done absolutely nothing to better their skills and have fallen far behind people who dedicate energy and time on practice. It’s a double edged sword and those who learn how to use it right held the key to success.

Moral of the story is don’t let anyone and especially your fears or insecurities stop you from trying to learn something you wished to do for so long. Once you have worked your way to a certain level don’t decide to quit or to take a break as it is gonna have to opposite effect.

-Armine Sahakyan


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