Happy Easter

All the Christian people around the world celebrate Easter at the end of March or in April. This year, in 2017, we celebrated it on April 16. The holiday has its history, which is based on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead that occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion.Easter-Images

Before the festival it is the period of fasting, which basically means avoiding eating meat, dairy and other such kind of food. Some people perceive that period as only referring to food but it is also very important to be spiritually and mentally ‘healthy’, which implies reading books, listening to good music, communicating with wise people etc. On that day people visit church, take part in sacraments by praying and getting absolution for the sins committed by them. People continue following the ‘rules’ of the holiday even after some days since it is the rest and purity of the soul and mind.

After the ‘holy week’ it comes the Easter; it is the time when people dye eggs, mainly red because it is connected with the blood of Jesus. Many people dye eggs with other colors as well. They also make fish and eat it with wine, which is typical for the Easter.

Different nations have different perceptions about the holiday and each of them celebrates it differently. But the main idea and symbol of the day is the same for all people celebrating the Easter. url


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