Rushing society

Every one of us can remember such a day when we sleep poorly, because we are anxious of our plans, what we’ve done today, what we haven’t done and what we have to do tomorrow. We became so overwhelmed with our duties that we forget how we wake up, how we sleep, basically how we live our life.

Städter haben höheres Depressionsrisiko

Partially we want to blame others, that life is very hard, it’s hard to live and even we can blame to technologies that it’s making people more anxious or increases our stress level. This big world became so small that every event, every rumor can spread in couple of seconds. We became part of the world where we share every grateful and tragic events.  With this fast moving modern life we became more worried and stressful. Even in this overdeveloped technological society, when we understand that we are powerless in many circumstances, we feel helpless and even fall into depression.

However, even our powerless reality can not stop us living our precious life.  Having a lot of responsibilities must never stop us to live our life whether we are students, parents or retired worker. As a student, sometimes I feel that student life is a permanent event of my life and I have to endure certain things, but this psychology is infectious, because I would like to feel the same way at home, at work and everywhere.

In many ways this life is about appreciating little things, little events. Seeing huge, great or catastrophic events is easy, but noticing small things is hard and it requires a lot of attention. People say that it’s evident that robots will become smarter than humans which is for me a great news, because people won’t be required to become a robot, and eventually can live their life like a human. Let’s become a human!

-Gayane Aramyan



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