Crazy Day-Crazy People

I haven’t done blog posts for quite a long (two months actually), so this week I am going to tire all of you with a bunch of new posts to get my grade. Be ready. I decided to start from today and it happened that today was a crazy day. It is only 9  pm and it fells like its already 4 or 5 of the morning: I WANT MY BED. Instead, I am in a quiet lab with two black metal lovers and I can here their music from the headphones, here is Merry singing under her nose some song you would probably hear in Parisian boulevards, a guy with Juventus t-shirt (most probably inspired from Barcelona -Juventus football match) and here I am with my crazy day which was actually a great one. Let me tell you why I liked it and why I am writing this instead of sleeping in my fluffy bed.

Today one of my favorite Armenian bands Nemra gave an open concert in Northern Avenue and of course, as usual,  I was there. The concert was organized by YELQ political party for their political campaign for the elections of the city Mayor.  Me and some of my friends decided to take an interview from Nemra for the journalism project and were in the place of the concert since 4 pm, to here the soundcheck, shoot it and take the interview before the concert. First, let’s mention: they were cuteness overload and it was so fun to here them talking about their story and future plans, making jokes and struggling with hunger they had to face because of us)) You will know all about these sooner. So after the whole day full of interviews and shooting I joined the YELQ campaign meeting and even managed to go back and enjoy the concert, “loose connection”(^^) and get back to AUA to sum up everything and start to choose from the videos we shoot. Btw, YELQ reached to the concert and after it ended Edmon Mrookyan  continued the campaign in the Northern Avenue. Such a mixture of politics, art and group project. Now it is 9:44, I finished this blog post and I am going to sleep till Tuesday.  Thank you and bye and do not blame me for reading this (if you do) as it was your choice)) .

P.s pls remember THIS was written when I was sleepless


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