A Positive State of Mind🍃


Deadlines. Projects. Papers. Presentations. Speeches. Exams. Whoa! Please slow down. I need to breathe. What feeling better describes the end of the academic year and the beginning of summer break better than stress? With so many assignments left to do in so little time to try and rescue our final grades, we, the students, are often found in an extreme state of panic, stress, anxiety and many other negative emotions that come with it. That’s how I felt, until today morning.

I got in the car at nine in the morning, turned on the radio and headed for a morning appointment. It felt like any other morning, only the weather was much more pleasant and the sun was shining bright. The inside the car felt stuffy, so I rolled down the windows and a wisp of fresh, spring air rushed through them. The birds were humming a melody of their own, and the smell of fresh cut grass was intoxicating. The streets were empty; the usual noise of a myriad cars was absent and everything was so still. Everything  was so beautiful. The strange thing is that today was just like any other day and the morning was just like any other morning; there was a strangeness in the ordinary. But for the first time in an excruciatingly long time, I felt so much at peace and my mind was not in its usual, cluttered state of worries and of overthinking possible scenarios. It was blank, in the best sense of the word.

I guess we all need to stop and take a moment from our hectic daily life and to actually take a look around; to appreciate the nature that surrounds us and the life that we live and the ubiquitous magic of it all. So tomorrow, go for a walk without any headphones and listen to the music that nature provides: the soft sighs of the wind, the sweet chirping of the birds, the sound of life. Clearing your head can really help you get things into perspective, to focus on the issues that are of utmost importance to you and to stop wasting time and energy on the unimportant stuff. Remember that you are the only one in total control of your life, so use that immense power you’re given to be the best version of yourself. Mentally, emotionally and physically. Take control of your life, don’t stress and find beauty in everything.


Sinara Isoyan 




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