Mini Wedding Cakes

Anne Murch, a talented and outstanding designer is the owner and creator of Earthly Grace Treasures. She creates replicas of wedding cakes. Possessing a special talent of recreating the exact type of cakes she makes every couple’s wedding day to last forever. For creating a wedding cake’s miniature she uses polymer clay and also chalk pastels, acrylic paint, silver leaf, and jewelry wire. Then, of course, she adds various colors in order to complete the miniature of a particular cake. The sizes of replicas vary depending on the size of the cake but they are typically 3 to 4 inches high. All ornaments stand independently so that a person can also display mini treasure on a shelf. Each ornament requires 2 to 3 weeks to craft.


The most amazing thing is that Anne creates the miniatures of the cakes exactly the same way as the original cakes are. Even the smallest detail matches perfectly. The love of creating replicas comes from her childhood. Anne would dig up the natural clay from her backyard in Pittsburgh and sculpt mini animals.

The young designer thinks that a wedding day is one of the most special days that an individual has during his/her lifetime, so it is important to have things that will always remind about that incredible day. That is why one day she decided to create the replicas of wedding cakes and give them to married couples. Later on, people started to order miniatures of their real cakes so their memories last forever.



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