Wheel of Eternity and Hexagram on old Armenian Carvings

Wheel of Eternity

Wheel of Eternity is old Armenian sign that carries a couple of various meanings. Similar in its form to the sun, the sign is believed to symbolize it along with the purest and kindest will, fertility and prosperity.  In its oldest form, the Wheel of Eternity appeared having eight curved wings each of which symbolized one of the eight Armenian Gods (Ara, Anahit, Vahagn, Asghik, Mihr, Nane, Tir and Vanatur). The sign would frequently have twelve curved wings, which portrayed Zodiac messages as well. Armenians carved the sign on churches, murals and on Khachkars (Cross Stones). They also applied it in clothing, jewels and other casual stuff.

Hexagram Carving

Hexagram, a six-pointed star widely known as Jewish Star of David, can frequently be found on the old Armenian carvings. Armenians believed the hexagram to possess special defense powers. From the ancient times, Armenians would quite often use hexagrams in architecture. They would carve hexagrams on churches with the aim its powers protected the church. Etchmiadzin Cathedral, for instance, the foremost Armenian Church, has a couple of hexagrams carved on it.

Interestingly, the Wheel of Eternity is sometimes portrayed inside a hexagram on several old cravings.


Do the meanings of both signs combine and create a new meaning and symbol in this case? Yet, we can only guess since it is not known.

Luiza Vardanyan






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