Last week I watched the movie “Persepolis” as part of “Topics in Cinema” class that I’m taking. Throughout the semester we watched many interesting movies. Some were light and fun while others were very thought provoking and deep movies. Of the movies we watched, I loved “Persepolis” the most. Because it was an animation that held a really deep meaning and something that I can relate to very much. The movie is about a girl who grows up during the Islamic revolution in Iran, and whose parents eventually send her to Vienna to keep her safe. Marjane or Marji (the heroine) lives two different realities. The Islamic controversial Iran and the open-minded modern Vienna.


As a little girl Marji was an activist and followed her uncle’s steps, she was always a rebel and was never afraid to speak up.  Which was the reason her parents sent her away.


Marji loved Iran, although she was not able to express herself freely in Iran and had a special love for American punk bands, it was obvious that she loved Iran. After all, she was born and raised there. The most touching part was when Marji returned to Iran after all those years in Vienna and realized that she did not belong there. Imagine feeling like an outsider in your country, the country you were born in and the country you love so much. In the end, Marji decides to leave Iran again and settles somewhere else.


The most interesting part of this animation was Marji’s childhood. A little girl who instead of playing with toys, spent her free time talking about politics and revolutions.

This is the trailer of Persepolis, If you like animations that have deep meanings then you should totally check it out, and if you like the trailer then you should watch the movie!!



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